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SimVibe Released!

Posted on 07.10.2012 by Berney Villers in SimVibe Tactile Feedback Vibratory Feedback Racing Simulator

The much anticipated SimXperience SimVibe software has been released and is available for immediate purchase and download at

The SimVibe software is a complete tactile feedback system for racing and flight simulators that utilizes 1 - 8 bass transducers to provide accurate, physics derived tactile feedback to your cockpit or chassis. This provides users with a siginificant immersion improvement by representing, road surface, bumps, impacts, rubs, gear changes and engine rpm in a highly detailed manner.

Those that already have a bass transducer can simply add a second sound card to their PC and install the SimVibe software to get started. For those without a bass transducer, we highly suggest the the all new ButtKicker Mini LFE SE. This new ButtKicker product is the result of engineers at SimXperience and ButtKicker collaborating to create a transducer that's optimized for SimVibe.

Learn more about SimVibe HERE

SImVibe Connection Diagram

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