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8 Dec 2014

AccuForce Sneak Peek

AccuForce Sneak Peek

Author: Berney Villers  /  Categories: AccuForce Wheel  /  Rate this article:

For those of you interested in the upcoming AccuForce wheel, here are a few sneak peek photos of the button box, quick release and shifters. Please remember that this blog is a place for my geeky ramblings as opposed to official SimXperience marketing so some of the things I mention here may not be of interest to the casual user. 


Button Box Features

-12 long-life buttons

-Raised button modules optimize ergonomics by placing the buttons closer to your fingers than is possible on a traditional flat plate.

-Extremely rigid design (I weigh in over 220lbs and am able to stand on it without causing damage)

-Easily adjusted upper button modules facilitate simple bolt-on of many different steering wheels

-Adjustable machined aluminum shifters with carbon fiber paddles (throw, paddle width and switch engagement point can be adjusted)

-Optional attachment for phone cord style connector (useful if a non-SimXperience quick release is utilized)

-USB port

-Facilitates mounting of optional phone holder or SLI style USB displays.

-DIY and Modder Friendly



Quick Release 

-Precision machined Aluminum

-6 spring-loaded hard gold pins enable transfer of power, USB and the SimXperience communication protocol through the quick release

-Extremely durable


We would love to hear your thoughts on this portion of the AccuForce. We're especially interested in understanding if you find on-wheel  display of gear and engine RPM to be gimmicky or useful. One school of though says that if you're looking at you're wheel while driving, you're soon to be looking at a wall. That's frankly the school of though that I subscribe to but we did make provisions for the possibility of a phone mount. As many of you probably know, the Sim Commander software has supported the possibility of fully customized dashboard displays via phone for many years now. Please let us know if a phone holder or other optional display bolt-on would be of interest to you.





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21 comments on article "AccuForce Sneak Peek"


Anthony Dykes

12/8/2014 6:29 AM

On wheel gear display is useful, and it can always be turned off in game. I lose track of what gear I am in far more often switching from car to car to car in a sim so it is good to have a constant.


Brian Clancy

12/8/2014 6:50 AM

Looking awesome, just ooozes quality and great design from the USB connection to the adjustability. Thanks for sharing this information, a lot of people will get excited over this :)


Simon Maltby

12/8/2014 8:57 AM

Offering feedback on wheel lights. I drive a lot of F1 and find the lights useful rather than having to rely on adding more data to the screen. However, I prefer a dashboard mounted set of LED's and displays than on the wheel rim itself, this way they remain in a constant position as the wheel is turned. I find it useful to have my current gear, shift lights and a lap delta visible.


Michael Fabian

12/8/2014 12:02 PM

Also agree that having shift lights, gear information etc. on wheel is useful. Other people like to have them static.

The only other thing I would like to see are some more button options (eg. rotaries, two-way switches etc.)

Also, is there a way to use the QR with other wheel button plates? (ie. without a cable)


Berney Villers

12/8/2014 3:04 PM

Yes, the AccuForce Pro is highly modular. You can remove the button box and add a wheel directly to the quick release. You could also utilize the quick release with a 3rd party button box since the quick release passed USB through it. Lastly, you could remove our quick release and button box to utilize both from a 3rd party if you wanted to.


Abdes Fenidek

12/8/2014 1:16 PM

nice peaces of hardware. I am eager to see the diy version as i own a buch of wheels with paddles and buttons and quick rlease already on

i am excited like a kid exppecting gifs from Santa.

way to go simxperience. It is been years i was putting aside money and lokking vids of high end wheel (bodnar, frex ecci). and then a dream is coming through a higher end for substantially less money. I say thank you Simxperience to set these new standards of high quality at reasonnable price.


Hubert Clog

12/8/2014 4:04 PM

"the Sim Commander software has supported the possibility of fully customized dashboard displays via phone for many years now"

Wait... what ?

How ? Where ?


Abdes Fenidek

12/8/2014 4:16 PM

sorry i had to add a comment a second time

quick release is awesome . a pass through for usb is awesome.

i was considering a purchase of high end after market quickrelease but i thing i ll settle with the pro version (not the diy)

i hope simxperience will sell also the wheel side part of the quick release so that modders can had their own sterring wheel.

the pass through is important for sli-pro connection with F1 type steering wheels for example.

what would be the costs of wheel side quick release hardware?

i see it is 70 mm pattern . a 50 mm pattern would be a good add on too for F1 type wheels


Paul Loatman

12/8/2014 5:14 PM

Will there be an adapter or a different button box to use with smaller 50mm, 3 bolt pattern wheels?


Paul Loatman

12/8/2014 5:14 PM

Will there be a way to mount smaller 50mm 3 bolt pattern wheels to this button box? Or possibly a different button box for those types of wheels?


Chad Burt

12/8/2014 5:34 PM

Using the Oculus Rift I don't see a need to have all the displays on the wheel

others that don't utilize the Rift will differ in opinion


Matt Pierce

12/8/2014 6:11 PM

Only question I have is where do I sign...


Chris Dawson

12/8/2014 7:17 PM

Love the QR and the button box! Would like to see a shift-light-indicator add-on (I find the shift lights and gear indicator really useful on wheel, you don't have to look directly at them to see them), and would also like to see customisability on the buttons such as the ability to use different colour button caps (not just red and black) and rotating dials for fuel mix, brake balance, and TC level.

Excellent stuff!


Ramon Teunissen

12/8/2014 7:58 PM

Wgat are your thoughts about adding 2 additional shifters?

-Two shifters for gears up and down;

-and the other two as a clutch, like in F1


Abdes Fenidek

12/9/2014 2:48 AM

the way i see this harware config is that you can do anything you want with aftermarket wheel, joystick board (such as bordnar and DSD boards) , having encoders and paddle clutch system will be a breeze for diyers . The lack of "modability" is one of the greatest weakness of other players according to me.

I am sure having paddle clutch , encoders and gear indicaters , rpm indicater is in the list of simxperience. Amateur *such as me) and professional modders already started to think about expending the possibilities of the accuforce.

Now indicaters are sometimes a bit show off but lights and gear indicators are a good tool for people who dont have a dashboard.


Thomas (Rett) McBride

12/9/2014 1:28 AM

Berney, I'm dont think I would care much for the display on the wheel as I don't look down at the one that one my wheel now. I usually get all that info from in car display. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to use for the SIm Commander display, lol. Question, I see that you have button on the wheel but is there any way to mount DSD dash that is mounted to my CSW now? I have no problem finding another way to program my changes but just wondered if I should sell those with the CSW when I get my AF wheel, lol. Can't wait to be done with those guys, lol.


Marc Cohn

12/9/2014 6:09 AM

I think that a phone holder would be excellent (the rpm indicator would be decent as well) but the only thing I'd request is more buttons (12 is great but 15-16 for me would be absolutely excellent) and/or rotary encoders which I also find useful. Otherwise, I saved up quite a bit to get this wheel and am very excited to see its release and hopefully finally get one for myself.


Brian Phillips

12/9/2014 11:29 AM

Firstly Berney, let me just set the record straight on your earlier comment. There are no 'Casual User's' here!! We're all very interested in your geeky ramblings!

I just want to touch on the subject of price which is a main topic in all the forums I've seen so far. Personally I think $2000 is reasonable for a product of this quality.

I think people are forgetting the point that this is professional grade, very high-end equipment that is not mass produced. Economies of scale don't really apply here.

I'm also assuming much of the manufacturing or assembling is completed in the U.S. thus adding to production costs.

But what do you get? A high class, bulletproof piece of engineering that will provide many years of enjoyment (i.e. your ROI) as well as piece of mind over low maintenance (if any).

Basically you get what you pay for.

I can't help but feel if SimX released this product for $1.5k or evern $1k, people would still complain about the price. Don't forget they are also running a business.

I think SimX is striking the balance extremely well between the high end consumer-grade systems like that from Fanatec and the higher professional-grade products like Leo Bodnar. Right now they're pretty much stomping on the grounds of Frex and ECCI (I think the Trackstar 6000 is butt ugly).

I'm very excited at everything I've seen so far on the Accuforce Pro.

Earlier this year I had the CSW v1 base, BMW and F1 rims, CSP v2's and Rhinoseats GTR seat. I sold it all a few months ago as I was disappointed with the Fanatec gear. It felt a little toy-like to me.

I decided I would start over and this time get some serious kit. I kept hold of my Frex HShift+ and butt kicker. I now own a Human Racing GT. I plan to get the Arc Carbon pedals but didn't know what wheel set to get. When I discovered this Accuforce I was overjoyed.

Really looking forward to all the feedback and reviews of this product.

Berney, any chance of revealing pictures on the motor enclosure? Is it the same as what we've seen so far?


Thank you

p.s. Agree with the phone holder. 4.7 to 6" adjustable holder would be great!


Abdes Fenidek

12/10/2014 9:51 PM


i kept my g27 for year because i had mixed feelings about high end steering wheel. I modded my g27 with arc mod and was happy for sometime and then the lack of smoothness, dead zone became noticeable as i became picky. I checked fanatec and no i had to buy their steering as the whole electronic is in the steering. that is a lock of vision In this hobby , the simracers are hard core in their need . The people ready to pay 2 grant over 400 bucks have special expectation such moddability and not be a slave of one single provider.

i will pay the 2 grand now as this is worth it and meet my expectations in all ways.


Ken Parkin

12/9/2014 3:25 PM

I don't feel the need for an on wheel display, prefer a dash led system.

Looking good.


Saleem Hodge

12/15/2014 2:58 PM

I like the option to have your phone as a dash.

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